World Water Day 2020 Marks Video Launch
World Water Day 2020 Marks Video Launch

World Water Day 2020 Marks Video Launch

world water day


World Water Day is an international day to recognize the importance of freshwater. Celebrated since 1993, the theme of 2020’s World Water Day is about water and climate change and how the two are inextricably linked.




The three key messages for this day are clear:


People Power for Healthy Rivers

To honor World Water Day and within their theme of ‘Everyone has a role to play’, Living Lakes Canada has dedicated this day to the launch of a brand new video. This video features the freshwater biomonitoring work of STREAM being conducted across Canada to collect valuable data on freshwater ecosystems.


Living Lakes Canada worked with Imagine Creative to produce this 4-minute video titled “People Power for Healthy Rivers: DNA Technology Meets Citizen Science in STREAM”.

For more information on Living Lakes Canada updates, read their latest newsletter here.


By Dr. Chloe Robinson (Postdoc and STREAM project manager)

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